2024 Season:

Memorial Day weekend: 11AM to 8PM

After Memorial Day weekend to last day of Fairfax County schools:
Week days:  4PM to 8PM
Weekends:  11AM to 8PM

Summer break through August 18:
June: 11AM to 8PM
July: 11AM to 9PM
August: 11AM to 8PM

From August 19 through Labor Day weekend:
Week days:  4PM to 8PM
Weekends:   11AM to 8PM

The pool closes early 2-3 times each summer for swim team meets.
Swim team website: www.sfstingrays.com
Summer memberships are available for non-residents of Sequoia Farms. Summer members can join the Sequoia Farms swim team. Call our property manager, Joyce Hunt, at Sequoia Management at (703) 803-9641 for information.